L’Association des procureurs aux poursuites criminelles et pénales reçoit le prix Theman

APPCP - Lundi, 27 Mai 2013 12:04

Le 2 mai 2013, l'Association Canadienne des Juristes de l'État (CACC-ACJE), a remis le prix Theman à l’APPCP et à l’AJE pour leur lutte historique de 2011.

Nous reproduisons ici le discours prononcé par Me Rick Woodburn, président du CACC-ACJE :

“CACC “Outstanding Achievement” Dennis Theman Award

The Canadian Association of Crown Counsel is the national Association which represents the collective interests of Crown prosecutors and Crown lawyers. It contributes to helping governments and the public understand issues involving Crown prosecutors in the criminal justice system and Crown civil lawyers in the civil justice system. It addresses issues of Crown lawyers concerning conditions of employment and working conditions and promotes and encourages the professional development of Crown Counsel. Members include representatives of Associations representing criminal and civil Crown lawyers from the ten provinces and from the Federal government.

This national award was established in 2004 to recognize, honor and celebrate the work of devoted Crown Prosecutors and Crown Lawyers who have shown outstanding dedication to their role as Crown Prosecutor or Crown Counsel and who have shown exceptional support for and have promoted and defended the interests of the Crown and the interests of Crown Counsel.

The CACC Outstanding Award was first presented to and is named for Dennis Theman, in recognition of his perseverance in assisting the Crown employer and the public understand the issues that involve Crown prosecutors in the criminal justice system. It is also in recognition of Denis Theman’s remarkable dedication to improving the conditions of employment and working conditions for Crown Prosecutors and his promotion and encouragement of their professional development. It also is in recognition of a man who was an excellent and dedicated Crown Prosecutor.

From his call to the Bar in 1978, Denis Theman exhibited a passion for issues of social justice and the practice of criminal law. He began his employment as a Crown Prosecutor in Nova Scotia in 1990. He was responsible for training many Crown prosecutors and was a respected role model. He never hesitated to assist other Crown Prosecutors in preparing their cases for trial while at the same time remaining fully prepared and dedicated in each of the matters he was assigned to prosecute. He was also devoted to ensuring the independence of the role of Crown Prosecutor. Dennis Theman served as President of the Nova Scotia Crown Attorney’s Association and my mentor.

This Award was created to recognize exceptional contribution and achievements by a criminal or civil Crown Counsel. The award committee had no problem recognizing the two recipients... the only issue was the fact that the bylaws did not allow for an organization to win the award. The Executive unanimously amended the criteria to recognize two deserving organizations with this prestigious award.

Values such as the outstanding contribution to the organization of Crown lawyers, perseverance and dedication shown in the role of Crown Counsel, exemplary example to other crown counsel and finally, outstanding commitment and service to their Associations.

The award is being given to the brave & dedicated members of the Quebec Civil & Criminal Associations in recognition of their steadfast adherence to the ideals of unity, solidarity & commitment to the role that government lawyers play in Canada. Each of these organizations stood against the government to better the working conditions of crown counsel not only in Quebec but the whole country. Their courage stands as a shining example for all other organizations. They proved that unity can overcome oppression and solidarity brings strength.

Their struggle began long before the unprecedented strike of February 2011. They struggled with low wages, under resourcing and a wage freeze. After attempting to negotiate, mediate and reason they came together to strike. After two weeks the government ordered them back to work. Even after the disheartening blow they still persevered, never stopping the pressure on the government. The government attempted to drive a wedge between the two organizations by splitting their bargaining power. However through strong leadership and solidarity they both rose out of the ashes to settle their respective contracts.

These two organizations exemplify the values that the Canadian Association is built upon, while maintaining their individuality. They are unique example of how unity can work to achieve the impossible dream."

Évidemment, ce prix est la reconnaissance de l’effort, de la persévérance, de la cohésion et de la détermination de chacun des membres de l’APPCP, qui on crut que notre profession valait la peine qu’on se batte pour elle afin d’offrir un service de justice digne de ce nom à tous les citoyennes et citoyens du Québec.

Nous souhaitons remercier tous les membres de l’APPC pour leur implication dans la lutte historique de 2011.

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